What is Ordination?

Ordination is the public recognition and affirmation of a person’s call to pastoral ministry. While there is no mention of an official ‘ordination’ process in the New Testament or the documents of the early church, it is part of many Christian traditions.

At DSBC, ordination ceremonies are designed to publicly affirm a persons call to pastoral ministry. Those that are ordained are traditionally referred to as ‘Pastor.’


What is the Ordination Process at DSBC?

Members of the church, usually upon completion of formal theological training (Seminary, Ministry School) and receiving an affirmation of a calling to pastoral ministry from spiritual leaders, may request an official ordination by DSBC. The Chairman of the Board, with the cooperation of the Lead Pastor, will usually appoint a special committee to convene an examination council, usually comprised of spiritual leaders that know the candidate, often including Seminary professors, Pastors and mentors. Upon examination, the council makes a recommendation to the board for ordination. If approved, the candidate may be ordained at an appropriate service.


Who can be ordained at DSBC?

Presently at DSBC, qualified men and women request ordination.

When DSBC was started in 1977, we adopted our planting church’s doctrinal statement and bylaws, which restricted ordination to qualified men. Over the years, our church leaders have, on occasion, prayerfully reconsidered previously held understandings and application of scripture. In 2020, a group of elders met to explore the question of the ordination of women. Over 18-months, they met to pray, study the relevant texts and seek input from other Christian leaders. They determined that the scriptures previously cited do not prohibit the ordination of women.  To learn more on what the scriptures teach about women in ministry, see this study from Fuller Seminary.


If you have any questions about the ordination process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@dsbc.church.