Next Steps

Our primary goal is to equip you to live and flourish as a disciple of Jesus.

Next Steps

Our primary goal is to equip you to live and flourish as a disciple of Jesus.
Below you will find some of the key elements Jesus asks his disciples to engage in as they seek to better know and reflect him. We work hard to bring you every opportunity to join us wherever you are in your faith journey. This is not meant to be a rigid roadmap, but rather a guide to help encourage an authentic relationship and knowledge of Jesus. It is our hope that you will use this outline to prayerfully consider the next step God is calling you to take.


Whether you are ready to know more about Jesus or are just looking to ask some questions, we have a team of coaches who are available to meet with you.

Meet a Coach

We believe baptism is an outward reflection of our inner reality. If you have questions about baptism or are ready to take this incredible step to declare your faith.

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Jesus calls us to gather, engage the teachings of the Bible and pray together. It is here that we grow as a body, are strengthened and engage in community.

Plan a Visit

The mark of a mature follower of Jesus is setting aside time to intentionally invest in and disciple another in the faith journey.

Become a Coach

The generosity you show when you give to the local church not only reflects the heart of Jesus but also helps us reach the marginalized, keep the doors open and fulfill the calling God placed on his church.


Your testimony is a powerful statement to the way God moves in our lives and can help bring others closer to him.

Share Your Story

Whether you are new to faith, new to groups or have been doing this community thing for a long time, we have just the community for you!

Missional Communities

At DSBC, we provide multiple opportunities for you to walk with us in service by compassionately serving others with your unique gifts and talents.

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