New Sunday Format: Stay & Connect

Why are you part of DSBC?

It is a question I often ask people from DSBC.

Most of the time, I hear some version of “Connecting with Jesus, connecting with others and connecting my faith to real life.”

It is because of this that we are making a strategic shift in our Sunday Schedule.

Let me explain.

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Connecting in groups, large and small.

In the book of Acts, we see that the earliest followers of Jesus connected in two complementary ways, large gatherings and small gatherings.

At DSBC we believe that both of these gathering styles are crucial for spiritual growth. 

In our context, we host large gatherings on Sundays. These are opportunities for our whole church to gather to sing to each other, pray together, explore the scriptures, share communion, celebrate baptisms and display the manifold wisdom of God as we unite as a diverse bunch of misfits. In fact, I wrote a brief study about our large gatherings here.

Equally important to these larger gatherings is connecting in smaller group settings that allow us to connect with each other and to connect our faith to real life. Smaller gatherings allow for more dialogue, one-on-one prayer, encouragement and support (and… food!).


Stay & Connect

We periodically survey our church family as to the best days and times to meet in smaller group settings. Invariably, you have shared that Sunday morning is the best time for classes and groups. 

And so, to honor your input and increase the amount of gatherings available, we are making a strategic shift in our Sunday schedule

Starting August 14th, we will gather at 9:30am for a large worship gathering, at about 10:40am for coffee and snacks on the patio, then break into smaller gatherings around campus at 11am. 

Our Adventure Kids program will host unique gatherings at 9:30 & 11am, with a snack time at 10:40am and our Student Ministries will gather at 11am for Bible Study.

While we continue to encourage groups to meet during the week, whether on campus or in homes, we believe this strategic shift will expand our ability for every member of our church family to join a smaller gathering

I invite you to make an intentional decision to join with your church family at 9:30 for our large worship gathering, hang out on the patio or in the lobby a 10:40 to connect over coffee and pastries, then stay and connect with a study or group at 11am.

I truly believe that this strategic shift in our scheduling will better equip you to connect with Jesus, connect with others and to connect your faith to real life. 

To learn about groups and opportunities available, check our events page. We’ll also post schedules in the lobby. 


Please note that while this new schedule begins August 14th, some studies, such as Financial Peace University and Rooted, will begin in early September.


I love y’all and more importantly, Jesus loves you so much!

-Pastor Caleb Campbell