Since 1977, we have been on a mission to bring the grace of God to all those in North Phoenix. Today, over 400,000 people reside here. We are blessed to belong to one of the most culturally, economically and ethnically diverse communities in Arizona. It is this very mission that has prepared us for what God has next for DSBC: building a legacy of blessing in North Phoenix through Build100.

In September 2018, we entered into a season of prayer, asking God to reveal the fresh, new ways he is calling us to live out his values in our church and community. Through prayer, reflection and conversation, we have come to believe God is asking us to expand the impact of our church, the depth of our community involvement and the investment we make in raising up Jesus-centered leaders.

We believe God is calling our church family to invest our time, energy and finances in expanding our resources and relationships so we may equip our community to flourish as disciples of Jesus. As we pursue this calling, we will be focusing on the three key areas we believe will have the greatest impact in the coming years.

We want to build 100 ADDITIONAL LEADERS to minister and reach Phoenix, the world and future generations for Christ.

We want to build 100% MORE MULTI-USE SPACE on our campus for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to gather, serve and grow.

We want to build 100 SAFE HOMES FOR UNDER-RESOURCED FAMILIES in nearby communities so that they may find peace, security and true flourishing.


This vision requires each of us to take personal responsibility for the vision he has called us to, and to follow him as a family of disciples.


We want to build up 100 new leaders to be vocational ministers, missionaries and community leaders with a mission to reach Phoenix, the world and future generations for Christ.

Jesus calls the church to bear witness to his goodness, love and grace in tangible, relational ways. This happens as disciples are called, equipped and deployed to serve as leaders within DSBC, the workplace, in communities and around the world with the message of the gospel.

Raising up new leaders from within our community requires developing and nurturing deep, robust partnerships with other Jesus-centered churches and organizations, and a long-term discipleship program designed to identify and train ministers, lay-leaders, vocational pastors and missionaries.

As a core value of Build100, DSBC is committed to deepening our leadership development processes to equip our community – people of all ages, socio-economic status and cultures – to understand God’s word and apply the gospel in all of life.

Pursuing unreached people will require a fresh, new ministry approach to engage people wherever they are in life. Our desire is to develop creative new ministry settings for leaders to engage unreached people and help them discover Jesus in ways that are safe, respectful and educational for all parties involved.

We intend to:

1. Expand our leadership development track for local business and community leaders to serve as Christ-centered managers, executives and owners.

2. Create and manage a scholarship fund for under-resourced young disciples pursuing training in pastoral ministry, church planting and/or international mission work.

3. Expand our ability to provide tutoring and career training in partnership with PVUSD, and other local schools and non-profit organizations.

4. Expand our Ministry Residency Programs in North Phoenix churches by partnering with Surge Network, World Impact’s Urban Ministry Institute, City to City, and The Renewal Residency.


We want to build 100% more multi-use space on our campus for all people to gather and grow.

Authentic relationships, spiritual growth and loving accountability happen best in the context of community. We are blessed to have an expanding church family that desires to connect and grow together. However, due simply to our building capacity, our campus is not able to accommodate this growth, and we are currently having to forego powerful discipleship and outreach opportunities due to spacing limitations. That’s why a critical component of our commitment to increasing DSBC’s legacy of blessing in North Phoenix is building 100% more multi-use space.

We envision a multi-purpose building adjacent to our Worship Center that will allow us to be better ministers to our congregation and neighbors to our community. This would provide a space for our students to worship and grow, for our children and families to gather for fun, Jesus-centered events, for our congregation to be ministered to through Bible studies, group discussions and leadership development. By building 100% more multi-use space, we will have the opportunity to say yes to every child, every adult, every family that wants to join our church family, seek refuge and be part of all God is doing in and through DSBC.

But just as importantly, we envision a place for our community to be blessed by hosting weddings, funerals, financial workshops, marriage seminars and providing usable space for artist events, council meetings, concerts and more. This new building better allows us to put into practice what Jesus teaches, that we are blessed to be a blessing.


We intend to:

1. Build multi-purpose space adjacent to Worship Center with the capacity to host events for over 200 people.
2. Retrofit our Student Center & Office Space to provide 3-4 additional classroom spaces.
3. Retrofit Adventure Kidz building to allow for handicap accessibility to all rooms.
4. Update and expand Worship Center restrooms to accommodate our growing congregation and the new Multi-purpose space.


We want to build, rebuild or refurbish 100 homes for under-resourced families in our community so that they may flourish and grow.

For our community to truly flourish, families of all shapes and sizes need healthy, safe home environments. Our church family has been substantially involved in serving under-resourced families in our community for decades by providing food and nourishment, tutoring and job training, and pastoral care and support. While these various acts of service are vital to the health of our community, we know that many of those who are served find it difficult to take full advantage of these ministries due to unsafe dwellings.

We have been praying, along with dozens of other North Phoenix Churches, that God would provide an organization we partner with to help serve our neighbors by providing safe, secure housing for families in need in our community. We believe Habitat for Humanity is that partner.


We intend to:

1. Build, repair or refurbish 100 homes for under-resourced families in and around the Palomino community.
2. Finalize a 5-10 year partnership with Habitat for Humanity.
3. Partner with 10+ North Phoenix Churches for a 5+ year ministry partnership designed to build homes and relationships in and around North Phoenix.


Build 100 is more than fundraising, it is an opportunity to invest in a legacy of blessing for our community.

How will we fund our Build 100 vision?
In order to fund the Build100 projects, we estimate that $2,300,000 will need to be raised in addition to our regular budgeted giving goals.

We believe God has called us to this vision.
We believe God will provide the resources needed to accomplish it.
We believe God will do this primarily through our church family as a collective.
We believe God desires to use this season of vision as a means of discipleship to mature us.
We believe that by funding this vision through us, he will grow our generosity, deepen our relationship with him, and give a greater sense of joy.

Are we encouraged to give to a special fund?
No. In fact, we want to ensure that we pursue this vision without sacrificing the quality of our ongoing ministry. Therefore, we have committed to a ‘One-Fund’ model of fundraising. Essentially, anything that is received above the budgeted giving goal for our general fund will be designated for Build100 projects.

Our church family is driven by vision, not projects, and our goal is not just funding new projects, but to fund the overall vision of our church family. By combining all of our financial needs into one goal, we emphasize that we are one church, pursuing one vision and that every dollar given is invested in the pursuit of that vision.

Our prayer is that, in addition to raising funds for these new projects, we will see that God has increased our long-term sustained giving.

Why should I give financially?
We don’t want anyone to give to this vision because of a slick campaign, social pressure or shame. Our hope is that everyone at DSBC would feel deep conviction from the Spirit of God that compels them to invest generously in the work God is doing in and through our church family.

Living generously is one of the key steps of a disciple of Jesus, and we believe God will provide as each of us grow and mature in the area of living generously and the spiritual practice of offerings.

What if I feel God leading me to invest in a unique way?
From the beginning, this vision has been a group project steeped in prayer. If you believe that God is leading you to invest in a specific area, please email us at

Are there additional ways besides cash that I can give?
Accumulated assets are a great way to give. Stocks can be directed to the DSBC. You receive the contribution credit and the added benefit of not have to pay capital gains tax on the gains. For more information, email