About Edward

I grew up in El Paso, TX in a family that followed Jesus. I accepted Jesus into my life at the age of 8. I was baptized at Shiloh Baptist Church in El Paso. I loved the Lord, but I was an immature Christian that has been molded everyday.  As a child and a teen I was very active in my church, but I have always had questions about my relationship with God and how did God want to use me. Even though I had questions God never failed to protect me and teach me. I was blessed with loving parents and a loving brother. They have always supported me and been part of God’s influence on m life.

The Lord blessed me with the an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. He used this time to teach me about perseverance and hard work. After my time at West Point I was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army. God used this time to help me better understand the difference between living in this world as a Christian and being a part of this world. During the high and the low points God never abandon me and was always present. When I moved to San Antonio Tx God guided me to Community Bible Church. I again became active in the church and found fellow Christians to help me dig deeper into my relationship with Christ.

When my wife and I moved to Phoenix I felt God calling me to step forward and be active in a church family here. He guided us to Desert Springs Bible Church. I believe God has called me to grow and learn more about my relationship with Him by being actively involved here. During this season of my life I want to use the skills the lord has given me to help other grow closer to God and more mature in their Christian walk. I look forward to serving the Desert Springs Family and thank God for this opportunity.