Our relationship with God grows when we serve others.

If you consider DSBC your church home, consider volunteering for one of our ministry teams below. As we serve together we advance the mission of the Church and see love of Jesus up close. God has given each of us skills, talents and gifts and He calls us to use them to serve. God has placed you here as a vital part of this body of believers.


Make folks feel welcome as you greet them as they arrive on Sunday mornings prior to the worship services. Answer questions and help people find requested destinations (i.e. restroom, kids building etc…)

  • Likes people
  • Likes being with people
  • Doesn’t mind standing in the rain and/or 110 degree weather to greet people


Serve kids ages 2-12 (in grade-specific groups). Guides serve in one or more of the following areas: Games, Object Lessons, Music, group leader

  • Loves kids
  • Loves to have fun
  • Doesn’t mind eating copious amounts of fishy crackers


Minster to teenagers ages 13-18 by hanging out at youth functions, attending after school programs and generally being a “big brother” or “big sister” to the teens at DSBC.

  • Loves hanging out
  • Can name at least 3 top 40 hits from the last 5 years
  • Knows that the terms “radical / bodacious / bogus” are no longer hip.


Serve the congregation by providing security and emergency response on Sunday mornings.

  • Willing to participate in security training
  • Background in Armed Services, Police, Fire or EMT bonus but not required
  • Owns a pair of aviator sunglasses.


Use your musical skills to lead the congregation in song as we exalt Christ.

  • Has a High level of musical skill
  • Is dedicated to improving craft
  • Has played air guitar to Van Halen (optional)


Create an environment conducive to worship by operating the soundboard, lighting board or video computer during Sunday services.

  • Technically Savvy
  • Willing to engage in tech training
  • Likes things with a lot of buttons


Film special events, Sunday sermons and personal testimonials for use on the web and during the worship services.

  • Willing to engage in videography training
  • Can work with a deadline
  • Doesn’t mind wearing awkwardly large headphones in public.


Bless families of young kids by supervising their little ones during the morning services.

  • Loves kids (even the screaming ones)
  • Loves having fun
  • Familiar with modern diaper changing techniques.


Help newcomers and attenders connect with the church by staffing the Direct & Connect station on Sunday mornings.

  • Loves to network with people
  • Enjoys hanging out with new people
  • Has clocked 100+ hours in starbucks (optional)


Prepare and serve food & drinks on Sunday morning in the lobby.

  • Enjoys presenting food and drinks.
  • Likes serving behind the scenes
  • Makes a mean mocha (optional)


Cook, serve or prepare meals at various events.

  • Enjoys cooking or preparing meals
  • Likes working behind the scenes
  • Has a lot of smiles to give away