Waging Peace Women's Conference

CANCELLED: 2023 Waging Peace Women’s Conference

Dear Sisters,

We are sad to announce this years Waging Peace women’s conference has been cancelled. This has been a tough decision but believe is the right one for this time.

We apologize for the short notice and please know if you have purchased tickets your full ticket fee will be refunded. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We pray you will have a wonderful peacemaking holiday season!
~ Waging Peace Conference Team

Our Mission

For many women, the call to follow Jesus is wrought with frustration and confusion. There is a desire to serve passionately, but many of us feel left out of the conversation. We needn’t feel this way. Women are uniquely designed to powerfully love so that NOTHING will stop them from seeking to serve and save those whose lives God has entrusted to their care. There is a common theme in the Bible, that showcases women who considered the impact on all involved before making a decision and who were obedient when it is clear that God (and no one else!…?) is the Decision Maker. Women matter to God’s mission to the world and we should never accept the lie that we are somehow second-tier or relegated to some side-part of God’s mission.

In Genesis 1, the intentions of God are clear when He declares humanity (male AND female) cultivate all creation. This intention is not to put us in competition with others, it is to empower us in service to God’s plan so that all that He created would flourish, be fruitful and multiply. The brokenness of The Fall, that caused the fracturing of God’s vision for His creation and caused division and competition between men and women, ethnicities, and people of faith, is what must be overcome. In this critical moment, waging peace matters more than ever.

The hope is that women who attend will walk away with a clear understanding of the incredible call on their lives as peacemakers, connected to a local community of passionate women, and excited to live out their faith in the way of Jesus.