About Amy

Amy grew up in a Christian home with the foundation of attending Lutheran schools from preK through college. God moved in Amy’s heart during her middle school years when she made her faith her own and gained a new confidence in who God made her to be.  In High School Amy and two of her friends put together a traveling VBS to support intercity churches in Minneapolis.  The three teens organized, invited community kids, and held small VBS programs for three intercity churches that summer. In college Amy studied Education and Family Ministry at a Lutheran ministry prep college in Minnesota and during that time felt God stirring her towards a broader church view.  While working a summer office job in Arizona, Amy was offered a full time position that brought her years of experience in Finance, Human Resource management, and other corporate work.

In this season, Amy met and married her husband Mark and chose to become a stay at home mom when her first son was born. Amy first came to DSBC when she was pregnant with her third son and was looking for a preschool for her oldest. Her son started at Desert Springs Christian Preschool in the Fall of 2008 and Amy began attending Desert Springs MOPS program and within that year DSBC became their church home. When Amy’s youngest was old enough to start preschool Amy decided to go back to school with him and began teaching at DSCP. 

In 2013 the preschool was feeling the effects of the recession and the current leadership considered closing its doors. Amy stepped into the role of Preschool Director and helped cast new vision to revitalize the preschool’s reach to the community. Two years later Amy began serving as both the Children’s Ministry Director and Preschool Director and two years after that moved into her current role as NextGen Minster where she currently oversees the birth through high school experience here at DSBC.